Sherif Awad

Sherif Awad
coordinator of the 25th Alexandria Biennial for Mediterranean Countries.
35 artists from the Mediterranean region in addition
Shoman and Michaelangelo Pistoletto, Nicène Kossentini, Hadia Gana, Zineb Sedira, Walid Raad, Doris Bittar, Alessandro Scarabello, Amina Benbouchta and Lalla Essaydi, Julien Maire & Nadia Kaabi Linke

The Biennial opened December 17 2009 in the Alexandria Opera House
and the following day will feature the opening of the international
symposium that will include talks by international curators, writers
as well as jury members and artists. It will be headed by Dr. Mohamed
Rafik Khalil. The international symposium will be taking place
December 18-20, under the biennial’s theme “Aftermath”, focusing on
three prime topics:

About the Alexandria Biennial:
“The Alexandria Biennial for Mediterranean countries is one of the
leading art events in the world. In the beginning, it was visioned to
make each of its editions travel in a different Mediterranean country
until it was finally settled to always organize it in the city of
Alexandria for its historical heritage as the old capital of Egypt in
ancient times.
The first edition of Alexandria Biennial was inaugurated in the 26th
of July, 1955 by the name of “The First Biennial for the Arts of
Mediterranean Countries”and it was held in the Alexandria Museum of
Fine Arts where the Biennial is still based till nowadays. The aim of
the Alexandria Biennial is to fortify the cultural and artistic dialog
not only between Egypt and its neighboring Mediterranean countries but
to extend it all over the world as well. This year, the Alexandria
Biennial celebrates its 25th edition that aims to be a panoramic view
of the latest in artistic creativity coming from our region”

Sherif Awad
Coordinator-Alexandria Biennial

Art Editor- Egypt Today Magazine